Carfax Educational Consultants provide a wide range of advice and support for pupils, families and adults who seek access to the world’s leading educational institutions.

With increasing numbers of applicants for a limited number of places at top schools, the competition for entry has grown significantly. With consultants who have been educated at leading British public schools, as well as many who have taught within the independent sector, Carfax can provide a unique insight into admissions systems which are often challenging. Consultants can also provide guidance for parents who would like their children to secure places at one of the elite schools of Switzerland.

Carfax provides a range of support for those who aim to secure entry to the best Universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League Colleges of America. All Carfax consultants have studied at the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge; as such they are ideally placed to provide assistance, guidance and support to applicants. In addition, Carfax can help those applying for Post-Graduate study, or for courses at specialist institutions.

Carfax has the unique advantage of being able to draw on the resources of the wider Carfax Education group, with access to world-class tutors, guardians and a range of teaching establishments. This allows the individual requirements of pupils and clients to be met, providing them with all the assistance they need.

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Wherever you are, using our online system pupils can connect with their dedicated Carfax tutors for private one-to-one sessions. Our tutors are drawn heavily from Oxford and Cambridge, offering clients anywhere in the world access to world-class tuition. 

Given the international nature of many of our clientele, effective online tutoring is an important part of our tutoring model so we developed an easy-to-use online system which allows tutors and pupils to share online learning resources and to work together on a single document in real time via desktop sharing, interactive whiteboards, and live streaming.

Pupils and students who are coming to the U.K. can use the online system for help becoming familiar with the English curriculum and entrance requirements, applying for school or universities, or one-off sessions to prepare for important interviews. Even if clients do not seek to come to the UK, our tuition team offers world-class instruction in every subject and for every end.

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A private college situated in the heart of Oxford, Carfax College specializes in providing the highest quality one-to-one and small group tuition.

Combining stability and adaptability, Carfax has proven its worth as a structured learning environment and a friendly, responsive community. Here each and every pupil receives the utmost in individual attention, support and encouragement, not only in pursuit of academic goals but also in terms of their personal well-being.

Whether studying towards A levels, GCSEs or other qualifications, choosing subjects for the first time, revising for an exam or re-sitting one, pupils benefit from personalized programmes with teaching closely matched to their individual goals and needs. Younger pupils follow an independent curriculum that has been expertly designed to prepare them for progression to leading senior schools.

Many pupils are here to maximize their chances of achieving top grades and entry to highly selective universities or schools. For others, the priority is to lay a solid foundation for future progress. Close personal support is available for all pupils, including those with special educational needs.

With such a rich cultural heritage at its doorstep, and the city of Oxford being home to so many sports clubs and student societies, Carfax encourages pupils to participate in a breadth of extra-curricular activities. A range of accommodation options is also available.

Group courses begin in September and January, but individual courses can start at any time of the year. Short-term and part-time courses are also offered all year round, including weekends and holidays.


“Teaching is excellent and very successful in bringing about outstanding levels of achievement.”

- Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, 2012.

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Oxford stands for both tradition and vitality, making it one of the United Kingdom’s most fascinating cities. Among the famous dreaming spires, leafy parks, and inspiring architecture, the city is dominated by the University of Oxford, one of the world’s most prestigious educational establishments, and the oldest university in the English speaking world, rst mentioned in the 11th century.

Carfax College has many years of experience of successfully hosting groups of young people for visiting courses. An independent school situated in the heart of Oxford, Carfax College specializes in providing exceptional schooling, delivered by world-class tutors, many of whom have taught at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as Britain’s leading independent schools. 

Small English language groups, exciting activities, and a uniquely flexible approach to content and course duration – Carfax College builds on years of experience to provide the very best summer option for our participants. The Summer Programme at Carfax College aims at facilitating a broad understanding of British society and traditions, combined with first-rate language tuition. Oxford is an ideal location for the perfect summer. A variety of sport facilities and extracurricular activities make Carfax College summer courses the ideal choice for anyone who wants the best of everything.

Carfax College combines quality with flexibility– the summer offer is defined by these promises. Participants will be able to choose between a broad selection of summer course modules and create their very own experience. All modules will incorporate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) provision, as well as educational and interactive extracurricular activities. 

In addition to summer programmes delivered in the United Kingdom, Carfax College and ther Carfax Group have delivered summer programmes around the world. These programmes offer clients a high degree of flexibility, with Carfax able to create programmes meeting client requirements and specifications. If you would like to request a summer programme in your country, please contact Carfax using the link below. 

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The Carfax Group works with clients from all over the world to assist in finding the finest educators and support staff. Carfax works to develop a unique and highly specific recruitment plan for each client, aiding clients through the entire recruitment process from client search and selection, on through contractual negotiations and candidate settling in to their new place of work. Following an in-depth assessment and consultation, Carfax can provide candid, appropriate and targeted recommendations in a wide range of recruitment contexts.

Whether they seek to recruit EFL teachers, Oxbridge professors, or educational consultants, Carfax Recruitment maximises clients' opportunities by finding for them the best educationalists in the world. To discuss the details of your recruitment needs, please contact Carfax Consultants via the 'Contact' page of this site.

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The Carfax Group has broad expertise in supporting clients with the establishment of new educational institutions and business ventures. Crafax has undertaken such projects around the world for governments, private clients, and investor groups. For further details, please visit the Carfax Projects website, or contact us via the link below. 

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